Route Map Week 1


the best part was

The Beach family, Charles, Doretta, Lela and Claude, set out from Cornwall, Ontario on October 18, 1921. This is Doretta's diary.
Hotel Lasalle. Chicago, October 18th, 1921. Left home on the half past nine train for Toronto, Charles, Lela and myself, and it rained a little just after we left. There was quite a crowd to see us off:- McFarlanes, Newtons, Grahams, Johnsons, Devitts, Atkinsons, Hendry, Mr. Relyea, Mr. Fursey and Mr. Abbott.

Father and I slept very well, but Lela did not, and Claude got on at Belleville about two A.M.

October 19th. Got in Toronto on time and all went up with Weston and had breakfast. Father and Claude went down town soon after to see about Customs and such like. Father had his eyes tested and Lela and I did not go until ten o'clock and we all met at Eaton's rest room at twelve o'clock. Had lunch and at two o'clock Mrs. Clark and Mr. Olmsted met us and we visited until about four o'clock, and then started for the station and it was raining so we had to go and buy an umbrella. Helen and Clarice Packham met us and L. Miskelly and all stayed to see us off. When we got to Brantford the Hacketts were at the station to see us about half past seven and then we all went to bed and slept fair.
October 20th. Arrived in Chicago on time, had breakfast and went to the La Salle Hotel [LOC] and Claude and his father left at three o'clock for Kenosha, Wisconsin, to get the car; Lela and I went around to the stores and to Marshall Fields, then had our tea and went to bed early.
Oct. 21st. Slept well, had breakfast and went to a specialist at nine and had Lela's eyes tested. Went around the stores until one P.M., and went back and got the glasses, and went back to the hotel at eight P.M. Had a phone call from father that they would not got back before noon next day, Saturday. Then I called up Mrs. Jas. Beach and had a little chat and went to bed.
Sat. Oct. 22nd. Had breakfast about nine, then called up Mrs. Lanning. Then went out until noon. Then came to hotel and waited until three, when Father and Claude came and then had to look up route [LH] and had tea. Left Chicago about six P.M., and got along fine getting out of city, and drove forty miles to Geneva, Ill., and stayed all night.
Clinton, Iowa, Oct. 23rd. Had breakfast and left about ten A.M. The weather and roads were both wonderful. Stopped at Dixon [LHA] for dinner and crossed the Mississippi River [LHA] and on to Clinton, Iowa, getting there about four o'clock. Stopped for the night at the Lafayette Hotel [LHA] and it was a lovely hotel, and had a nice dinner after driving a hundred and ten miles.
October 24th. Left Clinton, Iowa, at nine o'clock. The weather was fine and so were the roads, driving to Cedar Rapids for lunch. From there father sent the first telegram and had the brakes on car adjusted [LHA], the first thing done since we left, and also lost his $50.00 money. From there went on to Marshalltown for the night, the roads not so good [LHA], but we drove a hundred and seventy miles, and did not get in until about half past six, all very tired.