Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids, a prosperous city of Iowa. It is situated on the Cedar River which furnishes valuable waterpower utilized in manufactories. The city is served by four railroads, as well as an electric line connecting it with Iowa City. It has excellent schools, an opera house, a public library, a Masonic Temple, and an auditorium. Coe College is located here. Among manufactures may be mentioned flour, cereals, starch, dairy products, furniture, pumps, and farming implements. There are also railroad and machine shops, foundries and pork packing establishments. The population in 1920 was 45,566.
From The National Encyclopedia for the Home, School and Library, Vol. II., National Encyclopedia Company, Chicago, 1927.

The painter Grant de Volsen Wood taught art in Cedar Rapids public schools from 1919 to 1924. From 1934, he was a professor and artist in residence at the School of Fine Arts, University of Iowa. Among his paintings are John B. Turner (1929), Woman with Plants (1929), American Gothic (1930), and Midnight Ride with Paul Revere (1931). Inspired by the provincialism of 15th-century German primitives, he employed a cold, sharply realistic style. Unrelated to Ed Wood.

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