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The Beach family, Charles, Doretta, Lela and Claude, set out from Cornwall, Ontario on October 18, 1921. This is Doretta's diary.
October 25th. Left Marshalltown at half past eight, roads and weather both fine. Got to Jefferson for lunch then on to Scranton [LH] and called to see your father's cousins, Geo. Brown. Then went on to Denison, driving a hundred and forty two miles, the last fifteen it was raining.
Oct. 26th. Left Denison at half past nine, the weather cloudy and cool and roads pretty slippery, but got along very well stopping for lunch at Missouri Valley, and on to Council Bluff, [LHA] Iowa, crossing the Missouri River into Omaha, Nebraska. Went to Post Office and Telegraph Office, but no word from home. Then got located at Hotel Keen at half past three, only driving about eighty miles. After tea went to hear Gypsy Smith and liked him and the singer Mr. McEwen very much.
Omaha, Neb. Oct. 27th. Father and Claude went to the Nash Sales Co., to have car adjusted and gone over after driving over five hundred miles. Lela and I went out window shopping, so did not leave Omaha until half past eleven. Weather fine and roads wonderful. After running thirty miles stopped for lunch, then on a hundred and forty miles, getting in about eight. Had trouble to get in a hotel on account of Shriners Convention but at last got located. In the afternoon had our first puncture. Was very tired so went to bed.
Oct. 28th. Left Hastings, Neb., half past eleven. The weather was cloudy but cleared with cool wind. Drove about forty miles, stopped for lunch and on to Norton, Kansas, driving a hundred and thirty-five miles. Got there about five o'clock and located two rooms with bath between. Not so tired as the roads were so good.
Norton, Kansas. Oct. 29th. Weather bright but wind cold. Left Norton, Kansas about quarter of nine A.M., roads hardly so good. Drove about seventy miles to Colby, Kansas, and stopped for lunch, then on to Burlington Colorado, where we had to put our time back an hour, so it was only three o'clock, but stopped for the night. The hotel good but the town punk.
Oct. 30th. Burlington, Colo. Left half past eight A.M. The weather bright but cool wind. Had thirty-five miles of good roads and about the same not so good. Stopped in Limon, Colorado for lunch and then on to Colorado Springs, driving a hundred and sixty-two miles and located at the Alamo Hotel [DPL].
Photo: Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods, Manitou, Colorado
(limestone elevations)
Colorado Springs, Colo. Oct. 31st, 1921. Weather bright and warm. Had breakfast and left for the "Garden of the Gods" and from there up to the "Cave of the Winds" and "Williams Canyon" [DPL]. When up at the Cave of the Winds the Altitude was seven thousand, seven hundred and forty five feet. Claude and Lela went through the cave. It was more than I had anticipated when I started and would never go again. Then went down to Manitou Springs [DPL] and back to Colorado Springs for lunch, then out to South Cheyenne Canyon, and to Seven Falls [LOC]. They all went up but me, three hundred steps, then back to hotel and wrote letters and cards. Had dinner and all went over to call on Mrs. Austin Cheney and Mrs. B. Jenkins and two of Tom Scott's sisters, planning to leave in the morning for Denver, Colorado.
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