Sketch of Megs.

Megs paints a poem.

The mahvellus Meggsie has gone back to school to be an orthotics/prosthetics technician. Here are pictures of her first year at GBC at Sunnybrook learning to technish. Here are some more from her second year.

Megs has illustrated one of Martha's blog-posts with this:

pedal to freedom

Megs is now blogging at Blogspot. Tune in, wash up, drop out - or something like that.

She's also set up a shop on Etsy o take a crack at providing some of the other occupants of the planet some of her art- for a price.

Megs was on Go! on Jan. 30 to help out promoting the 2010 Canada Writes competition and read one of her recent bits:

Meggsie made it to the 2009 finals of "Canada Writes on CBC Radio's "Go!" with Brent Bambury.

Here's their invitation to her:

Megs the CBC queen.

Blurry people at rehearsal. They got clearer for the actual show.
The semi-final show rehearsal. Everyone was a lot clearer and in focus on the day of the actual broadcast.
Brent and Megs
Host Brent Bambury with telented writer Megs Beach.
Megs with Shaun Majumder
Comedian & writer Shaun Majumder with witty comic Megs Beach.
Producer, Jill and Megs
Jill, a show producer, with the successful contestant, Megs.
Megs writes
Megs writes "Canada Writes"

Megs had such a good time in Halifax and enjoyed meeting all the Go! folks so much that when she got home and found that Shaun Majumder was going to be appearing in the "Raising the Roof" fundraiser she got us tickets. We went and had a great time. Megs didn't want to go empty handed so baked some cookies and decoated this one for Shaun:

Shaun Majumder cookie Great likeness, eh? The non-cookie version.

Sadly, Shaun had a conflicting gig and cancelled. The show was great anyway but we missed him. We hope the organisers get his cookie to him!

Then on April 18th the final was held in Toronto. It was a wild ride! They told the audience just before the show was to go to air that an important bit of the control board was burnt out. Apparently it went away with some fairly dramatic sizzling. There followed a wild rush to get the fried component replaced in time to allow the show to go be broadcast in the right time slot in the west. I think the show was heard from Manitoba west but Atlantic and Eastern Canada was offered a re-run from the previous month. Go hear it here.

Nana, Bronwyn and Engineer Guy.Megs holding her prize.
That's Contest Nana, Bronwyn the production assistant/audience relations/photographer gal and Senior Producer Jeff Goodes . Megs didn't win the grand prize but she got a pretty cool runner-up prize.
Judge Geri Hall.Terry and Darrell.
Geri Hall, who helped judge the competition, being photographed by & with an audience member. She was a scream!An audience member with judges Terry O'Reilly and Darrell Dennis

Cookie portraits of Go folks.

The cookie for Shaun was such a great idea that Megs decided to make a cookie for each of the regular pruduction staff she knew at "Go!". Here are David Carroll, Jill Walker, Brent Bambury, Nana Aba Duncan, Peter Morey and Erin Noel. A truly delicious group.

Bronwyn, the "Go!" production assistant, didn't get a cookie. Very sad. Megs made her a set of dress-me-up fridge magnets.

fridge magnet Bronwyn

Megs, the Tooth Fairy, was recently asked to make up a mock-movie poster to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Dr. David Rakowski in dental practise. Here's what she came up with:

Dr. Rakowsky is in business 30 years.

Here's a sampling of Margaret's family Christmas cards from over the years. Many missing but I'll add them as I find them.

Here's an animation project she made in school back in the mists of time.

The Lacoste gator makes a break for it.

MMM (Multi-Media Margaret) has been painting boxes & shelves.

Megs painting.Here's an illustrated "Good King Wenceslas" in four scenes around a serviette box. (quick, spot the Canadianism!)
Iddy-Biddy boxShe's painted a number of little papier mache boxes. Here's one that didn't get given to a friend.
Painted picture frames.A sample of a very few of the picture frames Megs paints.
Winter apparel storage box.This is a big box of winter mitts, gloves, hats and scarves. Megs is painting a series of winter to winter scenes around and on top of the box.
A non-denominational demythologized shrine shelf.Megs needed an appropriate place to keep various rememberances from holy places so she painted a little prophet. Now the little plastic bottle shaped like "Our Lady of Lourdes" full of holy water has an appropriate place to rest.
Madame SosostrisAnother little shelf painted with Madame Sosostris, from T.S. Elliot's "The Wasteland" as a gift for a friend.
Ghandi salt shelfWe needed (of course) a shelf for our pepper mill and salt cellar. Ghandi knew about salt.

She's been making pen & ink drawings for years. Here are a few examples:

Sr. kindergarten?!Marf was a bit surprised that she'd have to do another year of school.
Renaisance MegsMy eclectic Meggsie.
Which way to the cows?Megs' take on the tandem in April 1987.

Clothes make a good target too:

painted canvas shoesMeggsie got a nice pair of cavas shoes. Plain white... but not for long!

Don't hold still or she'll paint you.

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