The Christmas Cards

Megs makes our Christmas card every year.

Some we have copies of, some we'll have to borrow back from fiends and family.

Here's the one from 2000:

2000 Christmas card

This is the one for 2002:
2002 Christmas card

"Attempting to outsmart The Jolly Old Elf, Scott and Margaret set up a tree in their city house and a camp in the trees at their cottage lot. They devilishly believed they could double dip into Santa's big sack. Mr. Porcupine rolled his eyes and grunted at their folly. They put it down to the girl's stomachs growling. It had been minutes since they'd had any Christmas cookies.........
May you suffer no more than they this season and in the coming year."

Here's the one from 2005:

2006 Christmas card

Here's 2006:

2007 Christmas card

And this was the one for 2007:

2007 Christmas card.

...and 2008:

2008 Christmas card

... and 2009:

2009 Christmas card.

Then 2010:

2010 Christmas card

And now presenting 2013:

2013 Christmas card

Last Updated on Sat, Dec 14, 2013.

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