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Jaap Rothman sent me this great cut away view of one of our beloved airhead engines. He's not sure where it came from. We're undoubtedly infringing on someone's copyright. If you know who, or are that person, let me know and I'll cease and desist. Download it and tile your desktop with it. Thanks Jaap.

Joe's Sidecar Page
BMW Motorcycles
Motos: R65 Info
BMW 78
BMW Motorcycles
A Beemer wannabe owner and his collection of snaps and Beemer thoughts. I was a wannbe for 15 years before I got an old one!
BMW R Series Motorcycle Info Page
Erik Elmroth's R75/6 page
Phactory Phil Images
Tony Foale Designs
Motorcycle frame design and alternate steering systems.
VTR sounds and video
BMW HOME PAGE by William L. Scheding
Homepage of Bernd Bauer

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