Cutaway view of 35mm SLR

Wildlife! Or at least the bits of it that we interact with regularly at Graphite Lake.

Jo and her teammates from the East York Soccer Club on the Manzer Hair Studio 2017 Girls under 14 team.

Meggsie built an oven!

Here is an overview of the cottage construction from its start in 2003 up to 2015.

Experiencing strange climactic conditions at Camp Orange Pekoe in 2017.

We continue to work on the workshop and studio and do more dock repairs in the 2016 cottage season.

Megs, Jo and Scott go to Europe in January 2016.

Addy & Ezra visit an elephant reserve in Thailand. Way cool!

Martha and Sam got married August 1st 2015!

We're hopeful this will be a great cottage 2015 season!

On June 26, 2015 we held a memorial service for my father, Clifford George Beach and interned his ashes.

A late starting summer of 2014 on On Pine Ridge

A retrospective of our family Canada Day celebrations over the years.

A cooler wetter 2013 cottage season.

The Beach family 2012 Christmas season.

It's going to be a hot dry 2012 at Graphite lake...

A near perfect summer 2011 on Maison Lane, Camp Orange Pekoe.

2010 - a warmer summer on Pine Ridge

The 2009 wet cool season on Pine Ridge

Our 2008 summer at Graphite Lake

More building at Camp Orange Pekoe in the spring of 2007

Building again in the summer of 2006 at Camp Orange Pekoe on Graphite Lake.

Our summer at Graphite Lake in 2005

See a slide show of Josephine at eleven weeks old.

Our vacation to Paris and London in 2004 or just London and just Paris.

Cottage building at Graphite Lake in 2003 & 2004.

Building a storage box in the woods at Camp Orange Pekoe in 2002

A trip to Israel in 2001 and some black and white photos from there too.

Megs and I went to England back in 1988 B.C. (before children)

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