Baby May or May Not Be on Board

(Rant #4 in a tedious little ongoing series.)

Here's one that's galled me for years. Those "Baby On Board" warning signs people put in their car windows. For some reason folks took to them - thinking they were a cute little novelty like fuzzy dice, doilies on the headrest, kittens with blinking eyes on the rear dash or bumper stickers that read "Save the adverb".

They aren't.

Well, they weren't meant to be. They have become so; and more's the pity. They were originally designed to tell emergency crews in case of accident to search the wreck for an infant. Now they're stuck in rear windows and forgotten. If you've still got one back there waving about and you've just returned from your youngsters' graduation ceremony, (she's just earned her masters degree) it's time to remove it. At the very least, it's crying wolf, thus removing the original safety value of it for everyone. At worst it's needlessly endangering the lives of police, ambulance attendants and fire fighters who may brave flames in search of a nonexistent child. They've got enough to worry about.

Be a good Josephine and get rid of it.
Loose the fuzzy dice too - that's not for safety, it's for good taste.

Last Updated on Mon, Apr 13, 2009.

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